Agreement of Subject and Verb Worksheet Class 5

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Agreement of subject and verb is a fundamental grammar concept that children typically learn in the early elementary grades. It refers to making sure the subject of a sentence agrees in number (i.e., singular or plural) with the verb that follows it. For example, “The dog barks” is a sentence with a singular subject (“dog”) and a singular verb (“barks”). On the other hand, “The dogs bark” is a sentence with a plural subject (“dogs”) and a plural verb (“bark”).

To reinforce this concept with fifth-grade students, teachers may provide agreement of subject and verb worksheets. These worksheets may feature sentences with incorrect subject-verb agreement that students must correct, or they may require students to fill in the blank with the correct verb form based on the subject. For example:

– _____ (is, are) your friends coming over today? (Answer: Are)

– The group of students _____ (has, have) been practicing all week for the play. (Answer: has)

– My brother and I _____ (likes, like) to play video games together. (Answer: like)

– The cat and the dog _____ (chase, chases) each other around the yard. (Answer: chase)

These types of worksheets not only reinforce proper subject-verb agreement, but they also help students learn to identify the subject of a sentence and understand how it affects the verb form.

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